Time Line of the Black Death

1320 – 1346
The black death ravages China and the Middle East

The black death reaches the Crimea, including Kaffa

October 1347
The black death enters the port of Messina, Sicily, via trade ships from the east

Fall/Winter 1347
Sicily is overwhelmed

January 1348
The black death enters France through the port of Marseilles; northern Italy is struck down

February 1348
Population of Avignon, France, is cut in half by the plague

April 1348
The black death reaches the interior of Italy

Spring 1348
Massacres of Jews begin

May 1348

The black death strikes in Paris

June 1348
The black death continues to spread across Europe, crossing the Alps into Bavaria

July 1348
Normandy is struck

August 1348
The black death enters England through the port of Bristol

September 1348

London succumbs to the black death; Pope Clement VI issues a papel bull calling for the end of Pogroms against Jews

End of 1348
The black death fades away in Italy

March 1349
The black death continues to spread through England and into Ireland

May 1349
Scandinavia is struck

Summer 1349
The black death strikes Tournai in Flanders (now Belgium)

July 1349
Scotland succumbs

December 1349
Pogroms against the Jews finally stop in Germany, but continue elsewhere

Early 1350
The black death spreads throughout the Netherlands

Spring 1350
Eastern Europe is struck

The black death vanishes from Europe, only to return twelve years later

Source: Epidemic! The Black Death by Stephanie True Peters

The Plague Maiden

Many medieval people believed in the existence of supernatural beings. One story of how the plague spread told of a beautiful witch called the Plague or Pest Maiden. The maiden was “born” as a blue flame from the mouth of a dying patient. She carried a red scarf and flew from house to house. When she waved the scarf through an open window or door, those within fell victim. According to legend, the plague was stopped in one Austrian village when a brave man chopped off the maiden’s scarf-holding hand.

Source: Epidemic! The Black Death by Stephanie True Peters