A World in Trouble

No, I’m not going to discuss the troubles of today’s world. I do have my opinions on the matter, but I don’t have the energy to spare to worry about it, let alone write about it. That might sound selfish, and maybe it is, but that’s the way it is.

However, I have one friend, Helen, who should be making her way back from the UK. My thoughts have been swirling around with worry, because I don’t know if she, and her young baby, are safe. I’m hoping that because they were actually in Scotland that none of the trouble reached them, and that they didn’t have to go through Heathrow at all. But I don’t know that for sure and I don’t know exactly what day they were meant to be leaving the UK (I think it was on Friday).

Then, I visited another writer’s blog for the first time in weeks, Melly, only to discover that she’s in Israel … right in the danger zone. All I can do is sit back and pray that Melly and her family are all right. I have no idea what any of them must be going through, but my thoughts are with them. Stay safe.

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