5 Books for $1

Yes, they were cheap. Yes, they are secondhand. Yes, they are children’s or young adult books. Yes, I’ll read them all.

My family laughed at me when I came home with these five books. My 21 year old son, Daniel, gave me a “You’re old, and you’re reading kids books” look. G just shook his head and continued with what he was doing. And Daniel’s girlfriend just outright laughed her head off. How rude! 😉

At least I’ll actually get through these books. Adult books take too much time, and are too complex for my injured mind. I need something light and entertaining. I love reading “kids” books.

Here’s a list of the books I bought. They are old, but does that really matter?

The Time Tree by Enid Richemont – The tall tree in the park is Rachel and Joanna’s special place. It’s Anne’s too. So it hardly seems surprising that the three girls meet up there – except for the fact that Anne was born over four hundred years ago!

Elidor by Alan Garner – A street map, a deserted demolition site, a football and a church in ruins … four ordinary things which lead Richard, Helen, Nicholas and David into a twilight world almost destroyed by fear and darkness – Elidor.

Ellie and the Hagwitch by Helen Cresswell – “Ellie stood helplessly watching the snow fall. She tried to conjure up the roses in bloom beyond, the trees in full summer leaf, the long grasses. She clung desperately to this picture, as if by thinking of it long enough, she could actually re-make it, could halt that cold relentless fall.” But the darkness grew. The snow thickened and Ellie knew that the hagwitch had begun her attack. First there had been the cats, then Ellie’s mother and father had disappeared and now the snow had come. As this enthralling fantasy unfolds, the hagwitch tries to lure Ellie to her, knowing that with the girl in her grasp her power will be complete…

Crime in the Picture by Emily Rodda – Searching for a lost parrot isn’t Nick’s idea of proper detective work. Surely Teen Power Inc. can find something more important to do? Anyway, the gang’s busy – working for the zany Madame Clarice as well as getting ready for the Raven Hill Fair and Art Show to raise money for a local swimming pool. But Percy’s no ordinary parrot, as Nick soon discovers. The hunt leads the gang straight into a million-dollar mystery – one the whole of Raven Hill is going to know about.

Green for Danger by Emily Rodda – Minding a luxurious house seemed like fun to the Teen Power gang at first. But now Nick is feeling more and more uncomfortable. Suddenly the house has started to seem like a prison. Or a tomb. Perhaps it’s the white marble everwhere. Or the sealed windows and doors. Or the aquarium fish, silently swimming in their endless circles. Or maybe it’s just that a fortune in emeralds was stolen from this house, ruining its owner, and disappearing without trace! Nick tells himself to stay cool. There’s nothing to fear. After all, there’s no-one in the house but him and his friends. Is there?

And my decision is: Elidor by Alan Garner. This is the book I’ll read first.

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