Empty Places

Blogging, in general, comes in waves. I’ve seen it many times as I pass through the halls of other people’s websites, and I know it happens here too.

Life is strange. We carve a routine out of the many chores – good and bad – we have, yet something is always thrown in front of us to trip us up.

Last weekend, I created a new writing space for myself. Since then, this blog has been quiet. You probably think I’ve been keeping that new place warm and creative. You’re wrong. I haven’t sat in that chair since last weekend. I haven’t written a word of my chapter book, but I have been writing. In fact, I’ve been coding web pages – special web pages that few of you will ever set eyes on, but they are the hardest pages I’ve ever coded. In fact, tonight, I threw up my hands and ran to my writing group for help because several people there no computers inside out, and I’m desperate.

If help isn’t forth coming, I think I will go crazy. PHP is not my thing. *sigh*

That’s my excuse for not posting. What’s yours?

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