Diet: The End

We did it!

It took us 15 weeks, but the results have been worth it. We started dieting to lose weight and become healthier. Yet we also changed our eating habits, which we will utilise long term to stay where we are now.

And where is that, you might be asking:

Karen: I started out at 72 kg and I’m now 58kg. That is a loss of 14kg. I feel healthy, more energetic, and better about myself in general. I no longer hate what I see in the mirror.

G: He started out at 94kg and is now 73kg. That is a loss of 21kg. Considering he’s had a triple by-pass, losing weight was essential for him. He claims that he also feels much better about every aspect of his life.

We are both proud of our achievement. But I must make one statement, loud and clear: I will never, ever allow that weight to return. Never!

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