Saturday is weigh-in day for the diet we are on, but I’m not going to discuss that today. This means we go out early every Saturday morning, get weighed and then go shopping. Nothing is planned, we just go where ever the mood takes us. Today, it took us into an electronics store and I bought two things: 1) A Playstation game called “Cold Winter”, and, 2) A set box top.

We have two computer rooms at home, with three computers hooked up to the internet. We also have another two computers that are used for “other” things. One is for G to try out older programmes that don’t work on XP and one is for me (my laptop) where I create stories. These two computers don’t know what the internet is. That makes five computers and there’s only three people living in this house.

Yes, we’re greedy, but it also means that we don’t have much time for TV. As a result, we rarely watch TV. However, if we do watch telly we want to have a good picture and the set box top has given us that. The box allows us to watch digital TV on an analog TV. It’s small and does an excellent job…when you get it installed properly.

It only took us five hours!

How can instructions be so misleading? On one page they tell you to do “this” and on another page they tell you to do “that”, which is the exact opposite for the same result (which we didn’t get either way we did it). My patience flew out the window, I got stressed out and downright peeved in the end. As far as I was concerned, we could have sold the TV, VCR and DVD to the next person walking down the street and I would have been happy to rid myself of the problem. :mrgreen:

OK, I over reacted. Eventually we did get the problem sorted and the result is perfect. However, neither of us plan to watch TV tonight so all those hours seem wasted. Actually, I had plans for this afternoon. I was going to knuckle down and write the rest of Squatters (or attempt to anyway). I was also going to give myself some time playing my new Playstation game. And then, this evening I was going to spend two hours reading a friend’s story for critting.

Instead, it’s 7.30pm and I haven’t done anything I’d planned to do and I feel washed out. What a waste of a day…and evening! 😡

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