I know what you’re thinking. What’s she on about now?

Well, it’s simple. Research. I’m a writer and I have to do lots of research. Not only is it interesting and builds my own knowledge, it’s important to the story. If I make a mistake, my readers will tear me apart and I’ll lose credibility. This means I have to be sure that what I write is right and when the subject is something that is general knowledge to some people then that means I have to be even more careful.

Volcanoes are looked upon as disaster areas. They erupt without warning and are deadly to those who live within close proximity. However, that isn’t what I’m researching. I want to know about “extinct volcanoes” and the links I leave here will explain what that means for my future reference.

Active, Dormant and Extinct Volcanoes – This site gives clear, concise meanings for the three categories.

Examples of extinct volcanoes – Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Warning (Australia), Chaine des Puys (France), and Elbrus (Russia). Well, how’s that, we have an extinct volcano right here in Australia and I didn’t know.

The Mesozoic extinction event – This page gives an insight into an extinct volcano site. The wording is a bit technical, so bring along a dictionary.

Hawaii Forest and Trail – This page has some excellent photos of the empty crater on Hualalai. This is what I’m really after. I need to know that there are empty craters but the volcanoes are inactive.

Now, I’m off to read the books I borrowed on the subject from the library. I love research. 😀

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