Thoughts are things; they have tremendous power. Thoughts of doubt and fear are pathways to failure. When you conquer negative attitudes of doubt and fear you conquer failure.
– Bryan Adams

Time Travel

Lee Pletzers posted his, and his wife’s, thoughts on Time Travel. This is what they think:

If you travel 20 years into the future from say, March 11th 2006, then you will no longer exist in this timeline. You have just jumped into the future. From March 2006 until March 2026, you won’t exist. So how can you see yourself?

My wife disputes this theory of mine. She says you will see yourself in the future because you have to go back to March 2006 and live your life.

Lee says, “But until you do that, you won’t exist in that timeline. And what if you decide to stay in March 2026? For 20 years, you vanished.”

I can see both sides of the arguement, but deep down I think Lee is on target with his statement because until you do return to the present, you have stopped existing between 2006 and 2026. Hmmm, the more I think about the more I agree with Lee.

Moving on, if time travel was a possibility would you want to discover how your life turns out? I wouldn’t.

I might discover something terrible ie my books never see the light of day. At the moment, I’m happily plodding along doing what has to be done in order to get published. However, if I suddenly discovered that my efforts would never pay off, what would I do?

1. I could change tactics. There’s nothing to say that if I go about things differently, pay the professionals to help me, and do courses to better myself that things wouldn’t change. However, the real future would know that I’ve paid a visit, which would mean that making changes doesn’t mean squat.

2. I could do myself a favour and stop trying to get published.

And if I was convinced that I could not make a difference to my future self by making changes when I got back from the future, I think I’d go with number 2. Why put all that effort in, if it was never going to lead to anything. I’d continue to write, but not in the same way I am now. I’d abandon the publishing dream and get a life instead. Either way, I could be a winner!

For the record: I would never travel to my future to find out these things. I don’t want to know. Now, another time in the future, way after I’m dead and buried, might be a different matter.


Saturday is weigh-in day for the diet we are on, but I’m not going to discuss that today. This means we go out early every Saturday morning, get weighed and then go shopping. Nothing is planned, we just go where ever the mood takes us. Today, it took us into an electronics store and I bought two things: 1) A Playstation game called “Cold Winter”, and, 2) A set box top.

We have two computer rooms at home, with three computers hooked up to the internet. We also have another two computers that are used for “other” things. One is for G to try out older programmes that don’t work on XP and one is for me (my laptop) where I create stories. These two computers don’t know what the internet is. That makes five computers and there’s only three people living in this house.

Yes, we’re greedy, but it also means that we don’t have much time for TV. As a result, we rarely watch TV. However, if we do watch telly we want to have a good picture and the set box top has given us that. The box allows us to watch digital TV on an analog TV. It’s small and does an excellent job…when you get it installed properly.

It only took us five hours!

How can instructions be so misleading? On one page they tell you to do “this” and on another page they tell you to do “that”, which is the exact opposite for the same result (which we didn’t get either way we did it). My patience flew out the window, I got stressed out and downright peeved in the end. As far as I was concerned, we could have sold the TV, VCR and DVD to the next person walking down the street and I would have been happy to rid myself of the problem. :mrgreen:

OK, I over reacted. Eventually we did get the problem sorted and the result is perfect. However, neither of us plan to watch TV tonight so all those hours seem wasted. Actually, I had plans for this afternoon. I was going to knuckle down and write the rest of Squatters (or attempt to anyway). I was also going to give myself some time playing my new Playstation game. And then, this evening I was going to spend two hours reading a friend’s story for critting.

Instead, it’s 7.30pm and I haven’t done anything I’d planned to do and I feel washed out. What a waste of a day…and evening! 😡

Writing Update

Sometimes, we find ourselves talking about writing, reading about writing, but not actually doing any writing. Sometimes, this is fine, but other times we must discipline ourselves into doing what we supposedly love to do – write.

At present, I don’t feel that I’m writing a lot but I am thinking “writing” all the time. I have several projects happening right now, but only two of them are what I class as “current”. These two projects are:

1. Cat’s Eyes – my children’s chapter book.
2. Squatters – my children’s short story.

I’ll talk about the short story first. With just under 2,000 words written, I can safely say that I’ve only just realised where this story should really start. This means that the first 1,500 words will be cut. 🙁 My investigation of the children’s market told me that I need to write a short story that is up to 3,000 words for it to be successful. That’s fine, except at 2,000 words my story has a long way to go. My mistake is that I’m trying to show my MC’s life so that the reader will cheer for her when she finally manages to break free. However, I need to do this within the action (and not as a lead up) because the story is starting to drone on and on. The story is harder to write than I imagined it would be, but I’ll get there.

Meanwhile, Cat’s Eyes has received critiques from every corner of the world. Most of the comments are positive, all are encouraging, and some comments are conflicting. I expected that. Some people have mentioned the tiniest things that have sparked a massive research spurt on my part – all in the name of improving the story. I’m fully aware of the weakest scene, and will fix it or dump it (I’m not sure yet). I can see where readers need more description and more history. I can even see where the characters need pushing into action, and where what I see isn’t necessarily what the reader sees. The critiquing will come to an end in two and a bit weeks, at which time I will sit down with the manuscript and read it myself (and take my own notes). With previous manuscripts I was left with uncertainty, but with Cat’s Eyes I’m feeling positive. This is the one!

For me, the lack of writing is good, because I’m researching to make one manuscript better and I’m trying to decipher what I already have to make the short story work. That’s quite different to talking about writing, but never doing it.

More on Volcanoes

During my short spurt of research, I’ve discovered heaps about volcanoes. It’s been a great learning experience, and I now know that what I plan for my story will be realistic. I was afraid that after I had finished the story, people “in the know” would turn around and say “that isn’t possible”.

Here are some more links. Many thanks go to members of my message board for supplying me with these resources.

Volcanoes Online – This site looks worthwhile. There’s factual information, a database, maps and much more. I think I’ll be spending a lot of time there.

Crater Lake National Park – A water filled crater. Be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the page for a virtual tour of the lake.

Arizona Sunset Crater – describes the surrounding area, including vents and cones.

Crater Lakes District (Australia) – This site proves that animal life, including fish in the crater’s water, live on.


I know what you’re thinking. What’s she on about now?

Well, it’s simple. Research. I’m a writer and I have to do lots of research. Not only is it interesting and builds my own knowledge, it’s important to the story. If I make a mistake, my readers will tear me apart and I’ll lose credibility. This means I have to be sure that what I write is right and when the subject is something that is general knowledge to some people then that means I have to be even more careful.

Volcanoes are looked upon as disaster areas. They erupt without warning and are deadly to those who live within close proximity. However, that isn’t what I’m researching. I want to know about “extinct volcanoes” and the links I leave here will explain what that means for my future reference.

Active, Dormant and Extinct Volcanoes – This site gives clear, concise meanings for the three categories.

Examples of extinct volcanoes – Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Warning (Australia), Chaine des Puys (France), and Elbrus (Russia). Well, how’s that, we have an extinct volcano right here in Australia and I didn’t know.

The Mesozoic extinction event – This page gives an insight into an extinct volcano site. The wording is a bit technical, so bring along a dictionary.

Hawaii Forest and Trail – This page has some excellent photos of the empty crater on Hualalai. This is what I’m really after. I need to know that there are empty craters but the volcanoes are inactive.

Now, I’m off to read the books I borrowed on the subject from the library. I love research. 😀