Diet: Week 11

The diet is going well. We’ve reached Week 11 and the kilos are still dropping off us. The end is in sight. Actually, a few more weeks will see us facing another crisis. What to eat first? And no, it won’t be anything bad, because the mere sight of greasy, unhealthy food turns our stomachs now…no matter how good it smells.

This is something that surprised me. I thought after this amount of time, I’d be craving all those terrible foods we used to eat, but I’m not…we’re not. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. We’ve been on fruit and vegetables for 11 weeks so our habits have changed. It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t eat much different to what we’re eating now, when this diet is over.

All I know is that there’s no way I’m allowing the weight to be put back on. No way!

Anyway, after 11 weeks, here are the figures:

Karen: Started at 71.7kg and is 60.8kg as of today, which is a total weight loss of 10.9kg.

G: Started at 94kg and is 76.3kg as of today, which is a total weight loss of 17.7kg.

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