Valentine’s Day

Now that I can stop worrying about the comments catastrophe, I can move onto something more exciting – Valentine’s Day.

What a scam!

Are our feelings for our loved ones so shallow that we need a special day to remind us to say “I love you”? Are we so consumed with ourselves that we need the 14th February to remind ourselves to buy a present for our partner/spouse?

As I said, what a scam.

Forcing your partner to do these things doesn’t mean they love you. Forcing anyone to do anything doesn’t prove a thing. And having Valentine’s Day is the biggest load of crock I’ve ever heard.

Wouldn’t you prefer your partner to give you a bunch of flowers, a book, or some other present, just because they thought about you when they saw it and wanted to show he/she loves you? Isn’t a short, hand-written note saying how perfect you are more thoughtful at any time of year, rather than twisting that person’s arm to give you a card and/or present on Valentine’s Day?

Of course it is! Because it shows that they really do love you. It means you are on their mind and that they appreciate you. They don’t have to do something expensive for that action to be heartfelt. And to be the receiver of such a special gift, on any day of the year, is the sweetest feeling in the world.

Don’t fall into the commercial hogwash, where shopkeepers get richer because they put the prices up (especially florists). Showing your partner or spouse how you really feel about them by doing little loving things can be done at anytime, and surprising your loved one will make the gesture special and memorable.

Don’t forget to show you love them as well.

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