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The blogosphere is an ever growing place. In the past year or two, blogs have become the favourite way to maintain a website. Why? Because it’s so easy to add information and most templates look fantastic with a bit of tweaking. Also, there’s no coding to do, hence it saves time.

Yet, over recent weeks, I’ve noticed more and more blogs turn away from their original purpose and enter a new zone. That zone is full of blogging about blogs, about making money and filled with advertising.

I hate it.

Once interesting blog are no longer interesting. Once good looking sites, that were pleasing to the eye, are now heavily burdened with google ads, which looks shocking (and earns the owner little in return for the space taken).

I find myself visiting these sites less often. I continue to look for new sites to visit but I see that a trend has started, and this saddens me.

Personally, I think this isn’t good for bloggers because the once unique looking sites filled with information and personal views are disappearing. People are obsessed with getting as many readers as possible to there site. Whilst I have nothing against that, in general, I think it’s stupid to have a thousand people a day visit, if only six people read. What’s the point of that?

As far as I’m concerned, blogs crammed with advertising are just as bad as my inbox being filled with spam. It’s unnecessary, ugly and unwanted. 😡

Edit – 11 June 2007: How things change, for now I have advertising on this website, but I’ve tried to keep it sane. 😀

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