Getting over the Hurdles

Are you stuck? Are you finding it difficult to put words to paper? Maybe it’s time to turn your focus to something else for a short time. Here are some exercises to help you start writing again. Don’t worry about quality, just focus on getting words on paper. Let your imagination go wild and just write. At some stage, you will turn back to the scene causing you stress and you will find yourself working your way over that hurdle.

1. Look at a photo, any photo, and write a few paragraphs about what you see. It can be what really happened at the time the photo was taken, or you can twist it into something weird and wonderful. The choice is yours.

2. Write a page on a child waking up on Christmas Day, or on their birthday. Show the child’s excitement and dreams. You could possibly even make this into a short flash fiction piece.

3. Look out the window and imagine everything you see…gone. Tell a story about what happened. How will you survive?

4. Write a page or a story with the title “My First Day”.

5. Use this as your first sentence: “Samantha, watch out!” Now continue writing.

6. Write a page or story that ends with, “and I never spoke to him again.”

Good luck!

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