I live in a draught stricken country, but last night we saw a storm that gave us more water than our “system” could manage.

The thunderstorm struck around 7pm. It hit fast and hard. The water tumbled down in torrents. It grew instantly dark. However, we were inside. The sounds of thunder and rain has always been pleasant to me, so there was no need to worry. Besides, we certainly need the rain.

Well, we got plenty. In fact, the rain tumbled down faster than our stormwater pipes could manage. When I say “we” I don’t mean just our house, I mean the whole city of … well, where I live 😀 .

Many of our roads were flooded, but more importantly, our street was completely under water. There was no road, no kerb and guttering, no grass or driveways. There was just water…everywhere. Right up to almost the top of our veranda!

Five more centimetres would have seen the house flooded.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. However, the garage was flooded. We will have to go through everything and, I fear, a lot of stuff will be water damaged and will have to be thrown out. Luckily, the things that I consider “keepsakes” are packed in plastic containers, so I won’t lose any of those things. There are boxes of books which will probably have to go though.

At the back of our garage is a small storage room, which we don’t use because there’s no lighting in there (and spiders have moved in). The inner ceiling of this area caved in completely. There are also two cellar doors which are buckled and broken apart, which the landlord will have to fix because I can see an accident waiting to happen there.

My 18 year old son was out with his girlfriend, he had to wade through knee high water for several blocks to get home.

With him home, my worry turned to my little Jasper (one of our two kittens). His sister, Sophie, came running home as soon as the first spot of rain appeared. However, Jasper was out exploring and didn’t come home. Then…he couldn’t get home unless he was willing to swim, and we all know how cats hate water. This really had me worried.

Around 11pm, even though it was still raining lightly, the water started to recede. I don’t know what Jasper did, but when we heard him calling out to us. We opened the front door to find a drenched cat, with large green eyes, staring up at us. Poor thing. He was eager to get inside, and then I had to try and dry him off.

Relieved that all were safe, and the water was receding, we were able to go to bed. My last thought was “please don’t send us another thunderstorm overnight”. I doubt we would be so lucky the second time round.

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