Diet: 6 weeks later

It’s been six weeks since G and I started our diet. Six weeks of depriving ourselves of our normal foods, and six weeks to learn new eating habits. I think we’ve both done extremely well.

There have been times where eating a donut would have been like sitting in heaven, but I never gave into the temptation because I knew I’d feel guilty afterwards. We no longer have caffeine (at all). We drink decaf tea (me) and decaf coffee (G), and G sometimes has decaf sugar free Pepsi. We can eat as much vegetables and salad as we want (except pumpkin and carrot), and we are allowed two pieces of fruit a day. Considering I never ate fruit and never drank water, I’m doing great. I make sure I have the right quantity of both every, single day.

The weight has shifted around on my body, but after three weeks my clothes felt comfortable again, and I no longer felt frumpy. I can see the difference in G, and I can feel the difference in myself. There were weeks when we lost the smallest amount of weight, 0.2kg, and that was quite disappointing. However, when you see our overall weight loss, I’m sure you will agree that we’ve worked hard.

Our starting weight was:

G – 94kg
Karen – 71.7kg

Our weight today:

G – 82.4kg
Karen – 64.5kg

I’ve altered my target weight from 60kg to 58kg, which means I have 6.5kg to go. And G’s aim is 75kg, so he only has 7.4kg to go. We are quite proud of ourselves.

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