Damage Report

On Sunday night, we experienced a bad storm and you can read more about that here.

Here’s the damage report. We rent so the structural damage isn’t our problem. The landlord will be arranging for those things I mentioned in my previous post to be fixed.

However, our personal belongings are a different matter. We had boxes of books that cannot be saved. The water damage is too great – they smell terrible and mould is already forming, not to mention the warping and mushy pages. They will all have to be thrown out.

I had a box of curtains that belong to the house in the garage too. These are sopping wet and need to be washed and repacked. We need to put these back up at the windows if we move out. No big deal, except they are old and will probably fall apart upon washing. Great! If they do manage to wash without falling to pieces, I’ll have to buy a plastic container to pack them in so that we never have this worry again.

The CD’s we had packed away will probably be fine. We’ll find out the full extent of that damage on the weekend.

Now for the photos and other items that are not replaceable. Luckily, I had brought my “history” — such as my children’s keepsakes (locks of hair, first toys, hospital tags etc) — inside to show my oldest son’s girlfriend, but G’s “history” may not have been so lucky. The saddest thing is that he had so little to show for his long life. I remember my youngest looking through G’s photo album once. He looked up at me and asked if that was all there was. I told him it was. My son said “how sad”. Like me, G lost everything when his marriage broke up. But unlike me, I managed to get photos and keepsakes back, where he didn’t. I’m hoping that we can save his things. He’ll be crushed to lose them now.

Meanwhile, there’s an old man who lives next door to us. His home was flooded – 150cm of water sloshing about throughout the entire place. The pool of water has gone but the carpets are soaking wet and need to be ripped up and replaced. However, he also rents, and the people in the real estate are uncaring bastards and haven’t done a thing to get this problem fixed. While the old man waits, he’s open to infection and disease because he’s walking around on that carpet. He’s old and shouldn’t have to worry about this. He has nowhere to go, no family to turn to. We offered him a bed in our house until the problem was fixed, but he’s too proud (and independent) to accept.

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