Additions to the Family

I’ve been slow in doing this, but I really should mention the new additions to our family.

Firstly, G’s son and daughter-in-law had their second child on Friday 3rd February 2006 — just a few minutes after midnight. It was a beautiful little girl. And she really is beautiful – unlike most babies who are born wrinkled, red and scrunched up looking. This little girl was smooth skinned and baby doll looking. Mother and daughter have been home for a week now and both are doing well.

Then, there’s my son and his girlfriend. On Friday 10th February 2006, they adopted an eight week old tabby kitten, Bella. She’s a cute little thing and is identical to our cat, Sophie, so naturally we fell in love with her straight away. However, my son was mean and took her home with him. She will be the new playmate of Toby, their five month old existing kitten. Unfortunately, my son and his girlfriend work so Toby has been left on his own during the day. Now he’ll have a little friend.

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