Weigh In and New Books

Today, being Saturday, is weigh-in day for our diet. Both of us are continuing to lose weight. G is down to about 86.7kg (he’s lost about 7kg) and I’m down to 67kg (I’ve lost almost 5kg). It’s only been three weeks so we are proud of ourselves. Water is becoming easier to consume, except on the weekend because my habits change then, but I’m getting there.

After the weigh-in, we went to The Warehouse. We saw a water filter advertised cheap, but they didn’t have any left. Never mind. While we were there, I dug deep into the bargain books and found two real…well, bargains! 😉

Dogsbody by Diana Wynn Jones. I bought this book purely because of the author. I’ve read some of her stuff before, and have really enjoyed them. Apparently, Dogsbody is quite old but that’s not a concern to me and upon reading the reviews I think I’m going to love it.

The second book is called The Pit by Ann Pilling. Now this book I bought purely because of the cover. That outfit the person is wearing on the front cover (follow the link to the book on Amazon to see what I’m talking about) was worn by doctors during medieval times, when the plague was in full force. That alone got my interest. There’s no reviews for the book, but I like to make up my own mind anyway.

Yes, I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve finished reading them, which might be a while so don’t hold your breath.

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