The Folly of Exercise

They (meaning doctors and health officials) tell us that exercising is good for us, so why is it that every time I exercise something goes wrong?

Mid last year I bought an exercise machine and ended up at the cardiologist. Luckily, it wasn’t my heart. It was a blood disorder.

On Monday, I decided to walk to work. It’s not far, but there’s a lot of up hill. By the time I got to work, all the skin from the ball of my left foot was gone. Completely gone. My foot was on fire. The pain was terrible. I applied some band aids, but the wound was weeping (quite heavily). Walking home at lunchtime (which was my plan), was not an option so I had to phone G to come and pick me up. At home I changed my shoes to something (anything) flat, slip-on and wide across the toes. That afternoon, I limited the amount of times I had to get up from my desk until I just couldn’t avoid it a moment longer.

After dinner, I bathed the foot and left it open to the air because I knew that drying it out was a priority. Overnight nature worked wonders and yesterday morning, it felt a heap better. Today I can actually walk without too much of a limp, if I walk slowly.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking, and the title of this post is in jest. Seriously, I can thank the exercise machine for showing me that I had a problem before it turned nasty. As for the foot, it was my own fault. I knew I should put on joggers, but I didn’t want to be seen dressed up for work…wearing those smelly, dirty things. It’s a mistake I won’t make again, and yes, I will attempt to walk to work again, but not until my foot is completely healed.

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