Short Story Progress

Guard’s Mustering is coming along nicely. I did have to go back and edit the story because I realised that I’d overlooked something important. In doing so, I discovered some strange – but funny – typos, which have now been fixed. 😀

I’m at the half way mark, so the rest of the story should be all pace and action. I’m looking forward to writing it, and hope to have it finished soon (by the end of the weekend, but I’m not putting that in stone).

Back to the Grindstone

After two glorious weeks on holiday, today finds me back at work. I like my job, and the people I work with, but I’d much prefer to stay at home. However, finances won’t allow that. 🙁

Gone is the sitting in bed each morning and writing on the laptop. Gone is the afternoon nap, and gone is the daily zombie killing frenzy. I’ll miss all three of these things desperately. However, I’ll now have more time to post and visit my online friends. So there’s a bright side.

Yet, having said all this, I don’t want to get back to the old grindstone. I don’t want to fall into old habits and then feel stressed out, so I’m going to do things differently. I’m going to prioritise. I’m not going to feel bad if I can’t post, or if I neglect the message board, or if I step back for long periods of time without saying anything.

I want to keep hold of the current feeling of content. That’s important for my well being. Here’s hoping that everyone who reads this post will be taking steps to look after themselves too.

Diet: First Day

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a daily report. How depressing would that be?

Today is the first day of the diet. Usually, I go through the day and don’t give food a thought but today has been different. Today, food has been on my mind continually. I know it’s because I’m not allowed to eat, so I want to, and I also know that this will pass.

The good news is that G has decided to join me in my quest to shed kilos. As he’s a heart patient, he should eat healthy but he’s fallen into bad habits over recent years and has decided that if we both diet together, we’ll both end up with good eating habits again. His weight is 94kg.

We went and bought lots of salad, but only what’s on the “allowed” list – lettuce, cucumber, tomato, alfalfa, sno peas, mushrooms and other stuff that we don’t usually buy. We have to eat two pieces of fruit per day too – apples, oranges, strawberries, prunes, and the list goes on. We didn’t find the meal replacement particularly filling, but that will change over time, as our stomachs shrink. I’m craving a cup of tea, and am battling to get the two litres of water into me.

For dinner tonight, I will have minute steak while G will have scotch fillet steak, and we’ll both have lots of salad. We can have vegetables too, but our weather dictates what we eat but we’ll probably look for something more substantial tomorrow, so I had better buy some vegetables – brocolli, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, but not a lot of carrot or corn. It seems green is good; orange and yellow are bad.

In other news: I finished Resident Evil 4. 😀

The Need to Lose Weight

I work with all males, and I live with all males, so sometimes I crave the company of females so that I can talk about and do girl things. This morning, being the last weekday of my holidays, I decided to meet up with my mum and her best friend, Carol. Believe me, they are both “young” and “cool”.

We did the usual things that girls do, ie chat, drink coffee, laugh and shop. This last thing is unusual for me, because I’m not a “girly girl” and have never been crazy on clothes shopping. However, when in Rome…well, you know what I’m saying. Mum and Carol are fun to be around, they make me laugh, but if something looks dreadful on me they are not shy in saying so. However, I didn’t need them to tell me that I’m starting to look…heavy.

I stared at myself in the mirror, wearing the latest fashion, and didn’t like what I saw – all those bulges, most have appeared since the hysterectomy two years ago. It was depressing, and it’s time I did something about it as the weight is slowly increasing with each and every month that passes. I only need to lose about 12kg, which isn’t much, but I’ve decided to join the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program. 😀

Carol has been (and still is) on this diet and she has lost around 25kg. She looks great, and she tells me she feels even better because she likes herself now. This is my main motivation for joining the program, I want to like myself too and be comfortable with the clothes I wear.

A believer in making personal goals public, in order to see them through, I have decided to share my journey with you. And…in order to do that, I have to make public some numbers. Here goes:

My current weight: 71.7kg
My goal: 60kg

A week’s supply of shakes have been purchased, and I plan to start the diet tomorrow morning. As I never eat between meals anyway, I’ll probably find eating the fruit difficult. However, the biggest challenge will be drinking the two litres of water – and not drinking the usual number of cups of tea – per day. Determination and will power will be the key.

Wish me luck.

Hottest New Year’s Day

It has been reported that yesterday, in Australia, was the hottest New Year’s Day ever recorded, and it was also the hottest day we’ve had since 1939. In our backyard it reached a little over 45 degrees celsius (113 degrees F), so I can certainly believe it that the reports are true.

Anyone unfortunate enough to have to go outside will confirm that the sun beat down aggresively, and the heat attacked us from beneath our feet too. It was awful to carry beads of sweat piggy backing on more beads of sweat. Taking a cold shower did nothing to relieve the discomfort and the air-conditioner couldn’t handle the pressure…so we turned it off, in the end.

Complaining, and often, was the order of the day. Everyone was doing it, me included. When I heard a southerly was on its way, I almost jumped for joy…except it was too damn hot! The southerly didn’t reach us in time to cool the house down last night, so when I got up this morning, the house was hot and stuffy. I quickly opened all the windows and doors, which fixed that problem nicely. Now, it’s overcast and raining lightly, but it’s cool. I love it. It’s the first comfortable day we’ve had in ten days or more and I’m actually able to sit at this computer for a while. I hope it stays like this for a long, long time.


It is worth mentioning, for future reference, that the creative power which bubbles so pleasantly in beginning a new book quiets down after a time, and one goes on more steadily. Doubts creep in.

Then one becomes resigned. Determination not to give in, and the sense of an impending shape keep one at it more than anything.
~Virginia Woolf