Hottest New Year’s Day

It has been reported that yesterday, in Australia, was the hottest New Year’s Day ever recorded, and it was also the hottest day we’ve had since 1939. In our backyard it reached a little over 45 degrees celsius (113 degrees F), so I can certainly believe it that the reports are true.

Anyone unfortunate enough to have to go outside will confirm that the sun beat down aggresively, and the heat attacked us from beneath our feet too. It was awful to carry beads of sweat piggy backing on more beads of sweat. Taking a cold shower did nothing to relieve the discomfort and the air-conditioner couldn’t handle the pressure…so we turned it off, in the end.

Complaining, and often, was the order of the day. Everyone was doing it, me included. When I heard a southerly was on its way, I almost jumped for joy…except it was too damn hot! The southerly didn’t reach us in time to cool the house down last night, so when I got up this morning, the house was hot and stuffy. I quickly opened all the windows and doors, which fixed that problem nicely. Now, it’s overcast and raining lightly, but it’s cool. I love it. It’s the first comfortable day we’ve had in ten days or more and I’m actually able to sit at this computer for a while. I hope it stays like this for a long, long time.

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