First Weigh In

Today we had our first weigh in, which I was looking forward to, because I knew I’d lost weight. My clothes haven’t been so uncomfortable (after only a week).

One thing I’ve noticed since being on this diet, all our old habits are dying. This is a good thing. Instead of spending all our money in a food store like Franklins, Woolworths or Coles, we are spending most of our money at the fruit and vegetable market. We’ve become health freaks. When the kilos are gone, we will hopefully remain on healthy food too, which I believe is the only way we’ll keep ourselves from putting on the kilos again. After all this hard work, and suffering 🙂 , I know I’ll be more careful for sure.

Anyway, let’s get the numbers over with:

G started out at 94kg and is now 89.4kg, which means he’s lost 4.6kg in 7 days. Yoohoo!

I started out at 71.7kg and am now 69.6kg, which means I’ve lost 2.1kg in 7 days. Double yoohoo!

This certainly gives us the incentive to carry on, although we didn’t really need it. Today is the first day of our second week, I think we’ll find the going much easier this time. Oh, here’s something I discovered (although I always knew it deep down), eating lots of steamed vegetables is much more satisfying than eating a lot of fresh salad. I should know, we’ve had salad all week (because of the heat) but tonight we had to have vegetables, I couldn’t stomach the thought of salad again. We enjoyed every, single mouthful. Yum.

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