Diet Update

We’ve been on the diet for…well, this is the sixth day, and already I’m feeling the benefit. I have not weighed myself, and won’t, because I believe weighing yourself daily is a bad thing. I’ll wait for the official weigh-in on Saturday.

As I expected, drinking the water was a huge effort, especially over the first two days. I felt watered out, and the mere thought of another mouthful made me feel sick. Day three saw me reach the required 2 litres, and I’ve managed to reach the target every day since. My writing experience came to the rescue, because, just like I plan my stories, I planned my water intake. My planned stories work out fine, and so did my plan for drinking water. 😀

Days 3, 4 and 5 saw me feeling fatigued and suffering from a headache. However, the headache wasn’t a “normal” headache, and I knew that it was the toxins exiting my body. It’s a terrible time, and I can sympathise with people who cave in to the pressure at this stage. I rode it through, and was thankful when the headache disappeared yesterday afternoon. The bonus was the energy that returned to my body. I can do this now. I’ve gotten past the worse part and now I can achieve my goal.

It’s amazing how we take food for granted. I’m a fussy eater – I don’t like quite a few things, but suddenly that has changed because the menu I’m allowed to pick from is quite limited (in a sense; it’s a low carb diet). Meat has never been a priority to me. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve always found meat too chewy and heavy on the stomach. Well, now that everything I eat is watery (tasty, but watery), I find that I look forward to that small portion of meat. What’s more, I’m enjoying it even though I can’t have gravy with it – the large pile of mushrooms and onions help though.

Fruit, only two pieces a day, is something I really look forward to, but in my former life I rarely ate fruit. Now, it’s better than finding a bit of gold. A chunk of gold is a different matter altogether.

What about G? He agreed to do the diet, but he didn’t really want to do it. He did it for me, not him, and that was wrong. The first few days were really hard for him – he’s on a lot of medication (for his heart; he’s had a triple by-pass) which makes him sleepy at the best of times. This diet took the zap completely away. I honestly thought he wouldn’t see the week out, but…I was wrong. Now, he’s over the initial shock, and he’s as committed as I am. I’m so pleased, because now he’s doing it for him. He has weighed himself, and he said he’s lost 2kg (that gave him the boost he needed), but that will not be official until the “real” weigh-in on Saturday.

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