The Next Step

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed all the character profiles and I’ve also written one page (for each character) telling the story from each characters point of view. This is handy in trying to work out their individual storylines, what motivates them and where they are going to end up. I found it to be a useful process and learned even more about them and had to adjust their profiles again.

During this time, I’ve also been building my world. With each character, I found something new to be added to the make up of the world. For example, I needed to be able to work out how one of my characters would know an hour had gone by, so I had to research sundials. Now, although the timing isn’t exact because the sun rises at different times of the day and its position changes with the seasons, my character will have his hour so he’d better use it wisely. 🙂

Next step… I want to go through each character’s story and make a list of scenes they need to advance their storyline, then I’ll add the main plot points and then I’ll assign them into chapters. Sounds easy…doesn’t it?!?

Character Profiles

I wanted to start planning my chapter outline tonight but to do that I had to finish the character profiles. The profiles are already done but my characters are being revamped so I have to redo them, rather than just edit them.

I am pleased with myself because I did write two complete profiles tonight. I have one more to do and then I will have the individual storylines to incorporate into my chapter plan, along with the overall plot. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to write that final profile and then I can start work on the chapter outline.

It’s late and I’ve been having too many late nights, so I’m going to call it quits tonight. I’ll read until I can’t keep my eyes open and then I’ll be off in dreamland. Good night!

Passage by Connie Willis

This is a thick book…really, really thick. I just finished reading part 1 (approx 250 pages) and I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t make it to the end because there is too much technical stuff in it and I was beginning to get bored.


I said in my last post that I put the book down right at a suspenseful part. Well, the book has taken a turn for the best and now I’m rivetted. I said I’d read until dinner time and then write afterwards but I had to rush back to the book and keep reading. When I finally put it down, it was nearly 9.30pm and now I don’t feel like writing.

I want to see what happens, so I have to go now… 🙂

Happy New Year

Half a decade has gone! This is something that amazes me because it’s flown by so quickly, and I have achieved nothing.

2005 will be different to 2004. I will make sure of that. I wasted so much time in 2004 that it makes me feel sick thinking about it. That won’t happen this year. I’m determined to be more focused.

I’ve been working on my planning and thanks to Jeff Mullen, Editor, who has given me a list of questions to help me rebuild my world, I am well on the way to doing it right this time. Last year, I rewrote my manuscript but I didn’t actually rewrite it (I mainly edited it) and now I’m suffering the consequences of my own actions. Why? Because I was too lazy, or I didn’t feel inspired. What does it matter? I didn’t do it right and now I must do it again. This time, except for the first two chapters, I will rewrite the entire story. I am hoping to write a chapter a week and this time I will do it right.

On Monday, I will start revising the first chapter. There…I’ve made a committment.