Story Abandoned

Before Christmas, I reported that I was writing a story for an Australian magazine competition (first prize $10,000 and publication). Well, after only 1000 words I’ve decided to abandon the story I was writing. The story is too complex for less than 5000 words, and too much needs to happen and be explained. I’ve decided that the story is actually worthy of nothing less than being novel length. The preparation so far will not be wasted, because this story is “complete” in my mind. I believe it will be easy to write, and I’ll enjoy doing so, sometime in the near future.

What about the competition?

Never fear. We are experiencing terrible heat right now, so I’ve found myself sitting in cool places thinking about suitable stories. And I’ve got one. 😀

Yesterday morning, I wrote for two hours on the abandoned story (before I decided that it was too big a story for a short), and yesterday afternoon I wrote 1114 of the new story. This one is coming together really well, and I know the word limit will NOT be a problem.

I’ve been using the laptop and, because I’m able to sit in a cool room, I’m finding my writing isn’t suffering. I’ve been getting up and turning on the laptop straight away. The words are flowing nicely, and I feel good when I turn the laptop off when I go to have breakfast, because I’ve already done a lot of work. If only work would not interrupt this routine, in just over a week’s time.

Right, I’m off to research “wet seasons”. Have a great New Year’s eve, everyone.

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