Knowing When to Move On

In August, I told you that I had joined a critique group. It was an exciting time for me because the group was small, and consisted of writers of children’s books. I imagined the feedback to be priceless, and the inspiration gained from this group to keep me on a constant writing high.

This was not the case.

Two of the members rarely posted, between them I’d say there were a total of half a dozen posts…none of them where crits, all of them were reasons why they would do the crits “tomorrow”.

Frustrating is not the word I’d use here, and I suspect these writers were actually hobby writers, who only wrote when there was nothing better to do. I never saw any of their work, so I’m only guessing. When a serious writer wants a crit, they want it yesterday, not in six months time. I know life is busy, I know that family comes first and I know that sometimes there just isn’t time, but not one crit in four months (from a crit group)…that is bad! Today, I left the group. I deleted my files, said thanks to the organiser, ignored the other two “participants”, and left.

Problem is, the Workshop I setup isn’t much better. Yes, I have received some wonderful feedback (on the first part of the story) but it’s just not happening fast enough because there are several more parts. Part 2 is sitting there, unread, and has been for far too long and I want to upload part 3, but what’s the use?

I need to find a way around this, and quickly. I could start my own crit group. That’s easily done, but I’d only want writers of children’s books as members, and I just don’t know enough people to make it work. *sigh*

Knowing when to move on is easy, knowing what to do next is the hard part.

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