Green Light

On the news this morning, they said that the green light was given for the “amended” work reforms. In other words, Howard intends to start turning this into a capitalist country. He’s already pushing for privatisation, now he’s pushing for lower wages (for the lower class, of course; the rich will be unaffected, as usual) and next, he’ll announce that he’s making changes to the health system.

This afternoon, I hear he’s going to start looking at the welfare system. Heaven forbid, if Howard had to survive on what unemployed and disabled people are getting now (which would be loose change to him) he’d realise that the basic amount isn’t enough to cover the cost of rent these days.

As for making disability pensioners return to work…tell me, if that person should be a heart patient (for instance) and they die due to the stress of working (which is what gave them heart disease to start with), is the Government going to compensate the family? Those people have already had a warning, they’ve already had by-passes, they’ve already been given a chance at life. How does Howard know that they’d get another chance? How does he know that the next time won’t result in death? Maybe that’s what he wants. People are given the pension for a reason, I can’t remember hearing that Howard had returned to university to gain qualifications as a doctor.

Before we know it, the way of life we enjoy now will be gone. The people need to give the man the sake.

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