Eye of the Storm

Like most people who celebrate Christmas, I’ve had a busy few weeks leading up to Christmas Day. All those presents to buy, wrap and then fret over. All the food and drink to consider. The taxi service – picking up people and dropping them off. Visiting all sides of two dysfunctional families and trying to keep everyone happy. Yes, it’s been a busy few weeks.

However, now Christmas Day and Boxing Day are over. Almost all presents have been given (and received) and we’ve managed to do everything as planned. It’s quite amazing really. I’m happy to announce that I did receive Resident Evil 4 as a present from my partner, and my eldest son bought me Silent Hill 3. I’ve got some serious zombie killing to do now. 😀

The next few days are the Eye of the Storm before the next round of hectic visiting takes place. In this time, and I’ve already started doing this, I’ll be able to spend hour after hour in front of the TV playing my new PS2 games (I actually went to bed way past my bed time last night, 2am, I haven’t done that in a very long time. No wonder my eyes feel sore and heavy).

Then, on Saturday, it’s New Year’s Eve. Party time for most, but if I get my way, we’ll be having a low key evening at home. However, living right in the middle of the city, we have front row seats to the fireworks which cannot be avoided (unless we leave home for the night). This means we will see the New Year in, we have to, but that’s fine.

New Year’s Day is a second Christmas Day for us, this year. My partner’s parents live some distance away and we’ll be making the trip to see them, and his brother (and his family). It will be a double celebration because it is also my father-in-law’s birthday. There will be more presents to give and receive, more ham off the bone to consume, and more gossip to catch up on. We’ll be by the sea, which is something I miss during the heat of summer, but I doubt there will be time for walking along the beach. We’ll have to save that luxury for another time.

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