December Goals

Christmas is fast approaching, and lately I’ve been busy doing other things and haven’t done anything writing related. The feelings of guilt have been simmering and now I think I need to make a public goal in order to force myself into action.

In the next three weeks, up to but not including the Christmas weekend, I want to get the following two goals completed:

1) Read through the final edit from the editor of the anthology project and make the necessary changes. Once complete, send it back to him.

2) Write the first draft of a short story. This story must be between 3000 and 5000 words and I fear the story I plan to write is too ambitious. I rejected this story for the anthology earlier in the year because I didn’t think I could write it under 8,000 words and here I am going to attempt writing it under 5,000 words. The difference is that I know exactly who the target audience is and can make some necessary adaptions because of that, which will save me some explaining. Besides, if I don’t go with this storyline, I have nothing else simmering, so I must attempt it.

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