Writing is a Lonely Business

When I first started writing, the internet didn’t exist. I would lock myself (not literally) away from my family when I tried to write during the day, but generally that wasn’t a good idea, so most of my writing was done at night when my children had gone to bed. I’d write in to the early hours of the morning, completely lost in the story…and I loved it.

In all honesty, and this will show you have naive I was, I believed I was the only person (who wasn’t published) who was writing a novel. 🙂 Well, at the time, it sounded plausible. Then, I discovered the internet and a whole new world opened to me. I wasn’t the only person writing a novel, there were thousands of others. We found each other and learned from each other.

Yet, lately, I’ve been feeling lonely again. Even though I’m a member of several writing communities, the friends I made have dwindled away. It’s like being in the middle of a party but no one sees you, no one talks to you. Yes, writing has always been a lonely business but it’s never as lonely as when you know the people are there but you can’t reach them. One by one the people I respect are disappearing and although I greived for awhile, I now believe this is happening for a reason.

You see, 2006 is going to be an important year for me. I intend to take positive steps towards getting published and now I feel myself going back to the lonely existence I once had but perhaps that will be beneficial to me. In recent months I have come a long way in ridding myself of internet distractions and addictions.

Although it was painful to lose the friends I made, I have finally found a positive in there which I intend to use to my advantage.

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