Workforce Reforms

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but I find that I have to.

John Howard, of the Australian Liberal Party, has hopefully slashed his own throat with his latest move to make Australia a mini-America. The workforce reforms he intends to let loose on the public is nothing less than scandalous and will set this country back 100 years.

The Unions have fought long and hard to win the priveleges we all enjoy today. It was because of the unions that we have morning tea, holiday loading, annual leave and much more, and here we are 100 years later on the verge of letting all that be taken away from us.

Of course, Howard would have us believe that nothing will change and no one will lose their jobs, or more importantly…their pay, but anyone who knows how these workplace contracts work will know that the employee will not be the winner. Employers will get rich, whilst the low income earners will slip further down the ladder of desperation and poverty.

What’s more, Howard is ignoring the people and is determined to get these reforms through parliment. Why? What’s his agenda? What’s he got planned? I don’t trust the snivelling wretch and this is another issue that should have been put to public vote. It annoys me that one man can get away with making a major decision like this. It shouldn’t be allowed, and hopefully when the next election comes round, the people of Australia will throw the man out and whoever takes over will abolish the reform. If they don’t, this country will lose its status as “the lucky country”.

In the meantime, people are right to be scared and to protest. These workforce reforms, like most of Howard’s policies, are aimed to please the rich but it’s the poor who will rally and, in times of need, will roar!

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