Weekend Happenings

There isn’t much to report so I’ll bore you with a personal post — one that looks at what I did this weekend.

Firstly, my partner’s grandson turned one a few days ago, so there was a bit of a gathering to celebrate the occasion. I’ve never been one for “parties”; although this wasn’t one of those loud music, lots of drinking affairs. It was just a quiet bar-b-q, or it would have been if it wasn’t for all the screaming kids. 🙂 There was the usual present giving, lots of food and cake. We took heaps of photos but I don’t think we got one of the grandson actually facing the camera. By the time we got home, half an hour ago, I was exhausted. I must be getting old.

Coinciding with this event was another important occasion — our kittens turned one as well. I will stop calling them kittens at some stage but it might not be any time soon. They are still quite small, so I don’t think of them as cats. Anyway, seeing as they are the inspiration for my Cat’s Eyes series (yes, it’s a series of stand alone books now), they deserve a mention here today. Besides, they mean the world to me.

Yesterday was a quiet, sleepy day. It was quite warm outside but our house is surrounded by wide awnings and the heat never made it inside (which was great). In the morning, I had another story idea which developed from a short story to another chapter book for children. It was exciting how one small idea developed into a full story. It is completely unrelated to the other ones I have planned, so I’ve got plenty to go on with in the near future. I spent the majority of the afternoon setting up another online wiki with information regarding a workshop I organise. The wiki has been improved heaps since I first started using it and I’m really pleased that I was told about it. It has proved to be useful.

Then, last night I did something I haven’t done in over a year…maybe two years…I played Resident Evil: Veronica Code X on Playstation 2. It was a little frustrating at first because I couldn’t remember how to operate the controls but it came back to me quickly enough and I had great fun. I love the Resident Evil games and have them all, and I’m good at them. Anyway, the game was addictive and I ended up staying awake until 1am. You know how it is…you just have to check out one more room. It’s fun. This is probably why I’m tired this afternoon.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the specialist to find out the results of the bone marrow biopsy. I’ve been feeling a bit low this weekend and I think it’s because I’m worried about what will be said. *sigh*

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