The Cloud Disperses

Over recent months I’ve had a cloud hanging over me. Today, that cloud has dispersed and I feel lighter than I have for some time.

Why? It all started with an intense pain in my chest.

Modern medicine is a god-send at these times. I’ve had every test imaginable (almost) and today I was given the news I had been praying for.

I have a condition – I can’t say it, let alone spell it – but it’s not life threatening. My condition is consistent with the stage before a person is diagnosed with leukaemia, and I knew that, and that’s why I’ve been feeling sick with worry. However, the bone marrow biopsy has shown that I do NOT have any stage of cancer.

My body is producing blood cells at an alarming rate. Yet even so, I’m still not in the danger zone. If I can bore you with numbers, I’m at 535 but if I go over 600 then I’m entering the danger zone, and will have to be given a suppressor (tablets or injection). My doctor said that it’s possible that I might stay around the 535 to 550 area and if so, even though that is extremely high, I’ll be fine. I do have to take something to thin my blood – aspirin. It’s like music to my ears. A simple treatment. I’m so pleased. And yes, I will be monitored closely by having blood test every three months from now on.

This morning I was filled with dread and apprehension, but this afternoon I feel…lighter and free. It’s a great day. 😀

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  1. Six years later:
    My blood count sky rocketed to just under 800 about 18 months ago. The specialist told me I was in the danger zone and had a very real possibility of having a stroke at any time. It was a scary time.

    Finally, I was put on medication which dissolves red blood cells to thin the blood out. The medication did its job and brought the numbers back down. For a while I was under 500 but in recent months it has started to climb again and when I last had my blood tested (six weeks ago), I was around 550.

    I don’t know what will happen if my blood count continues to climb.

    The name of the blood disorder is “essential thrombocytosis”.


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