Feeling Lost

It’s been a strange day. I’ve been fighting feelings of loss all day, yet the work is by no means over. As is advised by most published writers, I have decided to give myself a few days off to let the story settle before I turn on “editing” mode.

In the meantime, I have the results of the 2005 anthology stories due in, which means I will be approaching the 13 writers (not including me) and letting them know if their story was accepted 🙂 or rejected 🙁 and I already know the fate of seven stories (good and bad).

Then…just to complicate things more, the successful 2004 anthology stories have still not found a publisher, although one has requested that we send in the manuscript, which I will do this week. It is due to this lack of interest (and the fact that I’m not getting any of my own work done) that I have decided not to run the Anthology Project in 2006. I really can’t see the point of having three batches of stories that are having trouble finding a publisher. The idea is to have them published in print, and to be paid for the priviledge but as I wade through the publishers, I’m beginning to think that it’s not going to happen. If this is the case, then it won’t be because the stories aren’t good enough because they are…it will be because publishers don’t want ten stories from one source, or they don’t want an anthology that is put together by a third party. When the current options run out, then I will ask the writers if they want to try e-publishing or POD publishing. If not, then I will hand the stories back to their authors and it will be up to them (individually) to find a publisher for their own story (it will be easier to place one story, rather than ten, so some of them might still get published).

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