Day 58: Manuscript Complete

It’s an amazing feeling when you finally reach the end of a manuscript and type the words “The End”. I was just given the pleasure of that feeling.

My manuscript has been finished and the official word count is 30,916 words, which is 1,000 words less than the target but that’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t think it has actually sunk in yet, it feels surreal. I think I’ll have to go and tell a “real” person. 🙂

Next step? I’ll do an on-screen read through and edit. It will then be submitted to two critique groups for comments. In the meantime, I will print the story out and do an “on paper” read through and edit. Then, I’ll combine my own comments with those I receive from the critique groups and will do the final edit.

When I get to this stage, I’ll be looking for a professional editor. I believe this will be the right path for me because I want this manuscript to have the best chance I can give it and being able to include “This manuscript has been professionally edited and is ready for publication” will give me the edge.

As you can see, writing the manuscript is the easy bit. Now the fun times begin.

Edit: I’ve already started planning my next project. 😀

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