Author Secrets

Have you read a book only to discover an author secret hidden between the lines? I’ve heard of authors doing this (although for the life of me, I can’t think of any names right now), it’s a way of making the manuscript more enjoyable to write and read, and with this last manuscript I’m almost done with, I did it. I hear what you’re saying, “what in hell is this person talking about?” 😉

Let me explain (in a cryptic way):

Hidden within the text of my manuscript are clues. Some readers will not pick up on them, but that doesn’t matter, it will not spoil the story in any way. However, for other readers…if they pick up on the first clue it will get them thinking. If they continue to find the clues, then by the end of the book they will know my secret. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not even going to hint at what the secret might be. That will be between me and the readers who find it.

The manuscript was fun to write, but adding the extra “something” made it a different experience for me. It was exciting trying to weave the clues into the text without it being obvious. I’ll discover how well it worked when I read through the entire manuscript, but for now, I’m pleased with my efforts and feel it will take the readers who find the clues to a deeper level of understanding.

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