2006 – Year of the Writer

Not officially, but for me, 2006 is going to be the year of the writer. I want to have several manuscripts ready for submission by the end of next year, and I’d like to see at least a short story published. Hmmm, means I have to write a few; better get cracking.

This is serious and here’s my plan for the next few months:

1) Do the final edit of the short story for the 2005 Anthology in December 2005.
2) Collect all the 2005 Anthology stories in January 2006 and start submitting.
3) Finish edit of Cat’s Eyes by January 2006.
4) Write a short story (up to 5000) for the Women’s Weekly short story competition. Due beginning of February 2006.
5) Have Cat’s Eyes professional edited in January/February 2006.
6) Start writing Disappearance (sequel to Cat’s Eyes) in February 2006.
7) Do final revision of Cat’s Eyes and start submitting no later than April 2006.
8) Continue planning book 3 and another stand alone novel between now and when Disappearance has been written.

When I relate this to my previous post — a lonely writer is a productive writer, for me anyway. 😀

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