Targeted Audience

This is NOT writing related, this is blog related.

I’ve often wondered what the fascination is about getting a high site metre reading. I know it means people are reading your posts and that’s fine but I’m not talking about normal site metre readings, I’m talking about things like Blog Explosion and other “services” like it.

Now, I might be completely wrong about this and if that’s the case then feel free to correct me but the way I see it, I don’t want a thousand people visiting this blog every day if only five of them are writers. What’s the point of that? It seems that the more blogs you visit, the more points (or whatever) you get in return. So out of those thousand visitors, how many actually read anything? I’d say very few. So, again, what’s the point?

I’m like everyone else. I want to know that people are visiting this blog and that they are reading my posts. I have submitted this blog to search engines, directories, and where ever else I can think of to get people to come here. However, the people I want to visit are writers, not just anyone who is looking to increase their own points so that they get more traffic.

What I’m saying is that I have a targeted audience and that I can’t see the point of trying to get the whole world to visit this blog when only a small percentage (of the entire world) is interested in writing.

The reason I’ve bought this up is because I notice more and more blogs are joining these “traffic increasing” schemes and it makes me want to ask…if you have joined, why? Why do you want uninterested readers visiting your website?

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