Day 52: Chapter 13 Complete

It’s not the best work I’ve done, but the chapter is finished. I already know that the chapter might need (will need) major work done to it but for now it’s done and I can move on. This means there are only two chapters to go and I should be finished the entire manuscript no later than the 13th November (although I think it will be done well before then).

Once finished completely, I will read through it once on screen to find silly typos or misused words then I will print the entire manuscript out and will read it again in printed form. This will be when the holes will jump out at me, when the character inconsistencies will show up and the scenes which need additional work will become clear (like chapter 13).

At the same time that I read the work on paper, I will also submit the work to two critique groups and see what they have to say. Then…I’ll take my own notes and the comments of the critters and I’ll do a major edit, which is not my favourite pasttime.

The official word count at the end of chapter 13 is 27,140 words.

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