Day 45 cont: And then there were three

It was hard work, but today I wrote close to 1500 words. I sat at the computer at 10.30am and did half hour stints. The first paragraph took me an hour to write. Every single word was forced out. Then I wrote a page in then minutes. That’s what the day was like – struggling one minute, free flowing the next.

I found myself leaving the computer and doing other things between paragraphs – the washing, feeding the animals, eating lunch, making a cuppa, I even went for a walk around to the shops. But every time I returned to the computer I went straight back to the chapter and wrote whatever I could…even if it was only a sentence.

The hard work was worth it because chapter 12 is finished and the word count is officially 25,016 words. Yay!

Which means…I have three chapters to go. 🙂

Chapter 13 is going to be the hardest to write. It will be a short chapter but it’s action packed. Lots of fighting (which I hate writing) and fast paced (I hope). This one needs time to formulate in my mind before I can start writing. I have my diagram and I know where I’m heading, so now it’s just a matter of getting the words to come out in the right order. Easy!

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