Day 44: The Countdown is On!

This past week has been a bad week all round. I’ve been quite sick and as a result my daily writing went out the window. I only managed three pages on Wednesday – nothing more. 🙁

However, this afternoon I started feeling much better. I no longer need to walk around the house with a tissue box stuck under my arm. I can breath easily, and more importantly…I’ve regained my brain. 😀 I can think and concentrate. Yay!

This afternoon, I decided it was time to return to my writing and I’m glad I did. I managed to write a little over 1000 words, and I’m half way through the chapter – chapter 12. I could have written a bit more – I have time and I’m not feeling tired – but the next scene needs some thought. I need to let it roll around in my mind, try out a few things to ensure it works well in the imagination before I try to put it onto paper (or the screen).

This next scene will lead directly to the climax of the story. It has to be fast paced, edge of the seat stuff. That’s enough to make me start to tremble with fear, but I’ll be fine. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle this all important scene and then there will be only three chapter to go.

The countdown is on.

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