Day 29: Half Way!

Yes, I’m officially at the half way mark. Knowing this, I’ve done some quick calculations and have figured out that I’m probably going to reach 33,000 words instead of the original target of 35,000. I was going to leave the counter in the side bar showing 35,000 but I think I’ll amend it with the next update to show truer figures.

As mentioned in an earlier post, chapter 8 was an addition chapter. I found myself having to do research to ensure I was getting the details right – including the right terminology – but it was fun to write.

The official word count at this stage is 16,284 words.

From here, I move into the home stretch. If I continue the way I’ve been going to date, I should be finished the first draft by 5 November 2005, but having said that, this isn’t a contest and I will not be rushing. I’ll simply be writing every day.

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