Muck Up Day!

For some people life is just beginning. Welcome to the world, William Johnson, first son of Darren and Jo.

For others, the first stage of their life is ending and it’s time to move onto something new. Today, in Australia, is the last day of school for Year 12 students. This traditionally is known as “muck up day” because, well, the students do things they wouldn’t normally do.

My youngest son is one of those students. I expect him to come home with his shirt written on with messages from friends wishing him well in the future. I expect him to be in high spirits and happy. Yet when the excitement subsides, I expect him to be nervous about the future.

I remember my last day of school. I was surrounded by girls who couldn’t stop crying yet all I wanted was to be given permission to walk out of those gates for the last time. When I did, I never looked back. I hated school.

Life out of school is much better.

To all those Year 12 students, especially my son, I wish you longevity, happiness and good fortune (and the best of luck for the final exams next month).

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