Fan Fiction: Is it a good thing?

Some published authors detest fan fiction, while others don’t mind it one bit.

There are good and bad points to consider when thinking about this issue.

Firstly, I think it’s a huge compliment that the reader feels so highly of your world, and characters, that they want to return there again and again by writing about it. From a writing point of view, it’s also an excellent way for new writers to experiment and learn the craft. Their passion for the existing worlds will carry them through until they reach the stage where they want to create their own world and characters. This is definitely a good thing.

On the other hand, some fanfic is so terribly written that it must make the published author cringe to read it. I’d imagine the hardest thing to endure would be to read a piece that turns the character into someone they are not…and this would be where the anger comes in. This…is a bad thing.

To me, fanfic is all right if it’s kept private but plastering this stuff all over the internet is wrong. It’s so close to plagarism it’s not funny and I can understand why the real author gets upset about it. If, and the thought makes me mad, people attempt to make money from fan fiction then that is stepping way over the line. Those people deserve to be drawn and quartered…hmmm, all right I’ll change that to court action, huge fines, and to be permanently blacklisted from the publishing industry. If you haven’t noticed, I feel strongly about that.

Yes, there are some brilliant writers of fan fiction. Thing is, they are wasting their time – why don’t they write their own stuff and possibly get it published? I’ve never understood that side of it.

This is an issue I suppose we won’t know how we really feel until we experience it ourselves.

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