Day 9: Chapter 4 begins

Oh my, this is just brilliant. When I opened the document for chapter 3 this afternoon, I had 50 words. I’ve been writing on and off for several hours (approximately 5 hous) and I’ve finished the chapter and started chapter 4. It was difficult getting started (with chapter 3). I knew what I had to write about but I wasn’t sure of the angle I wanted to use. After two false starts I finally hit on the right one and away I went.

The tension in chapter 3 picks up a lot. The reader knows something is going to happen but they don’t know what. Then “snap”, and … well, you’ll have to buy the book to find out what happens. 😉

My word count is based on “words per page” not what the word processor calculates. Like all novels, publishers want certain lengths in manuscripts (especially for unknown, unpublished writers) so when I work on a manuscript that isn’t a short story, I always calculate words in the proper way.

This link will give you the formula so you can work out your average word count per page.

My word count is 236 words per page and it seems that I like 8 pages per chapter because all three chapters have panned out at eight pages. Remember, this is a children’s book so eight to ten pages is plenty. Anyway, this means I’m averaging 1,888 words per chapter and if this keeps up I won’t reach the 35,000 word target but that doesn’t matter either because as long as my final count is between 25,000 and 40,000 words…I’m fine.

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