Day 8: Chapter 3 begins

As it’s the weekend, writing is much easier because … I don’t have to go to work and I have more time to spare. Hmmm, well that theory is out the window because I still didn’t get to my computer until the usual time in the evening.

Life has a habit of spoiling plans. Although there was a reason for being out and about today. 🙂

The chapter plan is working like a dream. I know exactly what I have to write, so there’s no sitting and thinking for long periods of time – which is something that I do when I “just write”. Chapter 2 has been completed and I’ve started chapter 3 so that I don’t have to face a blank page tomorrow. I’ve never been keen on blank pages.

I even went back and edited chapter 1 (again) because I made a decision about how I was going to refer to my main character’s parents. Things are coming together nicely.

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