Day 7: Chapter 2 begins

When my boys were young, the only time I had to write was late on Friday and Saturday nights. I often didn’t sit at the computer until after 9pm (when they went to bed; they were allowed to stay up late on these two nights). I would sit in a quiet room, tapping away on the keyboard, writing scenes that I adored.

This happened for years.

Then my boys grew older and no longer needed my constant attention. Instead of writing more, I wrote less. I still don’t understand that. For some reason I ended up giving myself Friday night off. It became a time when I could do anything I wanted and not feel bad about it. But I never wrote…not a single word. Thing is, I had a lot of “nights off”.

This year, I’ve found myself returning to writing on a Friday night. Even though it’s the end of the week and I’m tired, I seem to get a lot of writing done.

Like tonight.

I wrote one thousand words tonight. It was difficult getting started. I even procrastinated a bit but I refused to bow down to the urge to “bludge” and opened a new file. Once I had a few words on that blank page, the flow quickened and before I knew it the scene was finished and I had a little over 4 pages. Yay!

Now here’s something to consider: Today I have 2,888 words written whereas four days ago…I had nothing!

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