Day 6: Chapter 1 Complete

This evening I spent more time writing than previous nights but I have less to show for it. Strange.

Actually, I reached the end of the first chapter suddenly (earlier than expected) but I knew that to go on would be adding words that were not required, and they would not move the story along. I didn’t realise where I would end the chapter until I saw the words staring up at me and … I just knew it was time to stop.

I then went back over the chapter and did some editing. Some people prefer to always move forward – forever forward – and not look back until they finish their first draft. If that works best for you then that’s fine but I’m not that type of writer. I prefer to edit each chapter as I write it. Not only does this give me the opportunity to put right the silly mistakes I’ve made (which makes less work in the future), it allows me to see the overall chapter in a new light.

My first chapter only has 1,888 words but I’m pleased with what I have.

Now it’s time to relax before heading off to bed. Good night.

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