Day 5: Good Writing Habits

It seems that, at the moment, I can write around 700 words a day without straining myself. I’m happy with that.

It’s essential to form good writing habits. I do believe that a serious writer will make time to write every day, even if the words that flow don’t amount to much or are not the best quality. The writer can go back and edit what they’ve done, or scrap it and start again. Writing nothing will always give you nothing. Sounds stupid but the more words on the page, or in a manuscript, the more encouraging it is to sit down and continue.

This evening I didn’t feel like writing. I work fulltime and it’s the middle of the week, which means I’m starting to feel tired earlier. I could have easily made an excuse and settled down to read instead but I decided to make myself write. Sounds harsh, but as soon as the document was open I got straight into it.

Now I have 1400 words instead of 708. 😀

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