Day 4: Writing Begins

Having a job where I have a number of hours each day where I can do as I please (on most days, but not always) is great. I don’t usually do any writing at work but planning is something else. It’s easy to fit planning in between phone calls etc whereas the constant interruptions when writing would drive me nuts.

So…I managed to finish my world building at work. There wasn’t much to do, and you must remember that I’ve had this story brewing since February, which means I pretty much knew exactly what the setting was going to be.

This evening, I typed up a few additional things, one of them was a “quick character checklist”. This list has the proper spelling of weird names and some basic facts to remember during writing. All the characters are on one sheet of paper for easy reference in case I suddenly get a mental block and can’t remember the simplest things – like their names! 😉

Then…I decided to jump right in and start writing. Yoohoo! I only managed 708 words but I finished on a high and have jotted down a few notes so that I can get straight back into it tomorrow night. It feels great to be writing again. A chapter a week will mean I’ll be finished in about 14 weeks (because there will be 14 chapters). It’s likely that I will edit each chapter as I go. I also intend to submit the chapters to a couple of crit groups, which means I have to do crits too. If the workload becomes too much, then I’ll drop out of the crit groups but for now…a plan has been hatched and I’m on my way to having another manuscript written.

Sounds good to me. 🙂

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