Day 2: Characters

Planning a novel can be fun…but it can also be difficult. I’ve found that when you work on a rough chapter plan (and it will always be “rough” because you must be able to change it at will) it is easier to see the chapters when written down and put together. The first half of my chapter book was easy to work out, and the ending is vivid in my mind so that was easy too. However, there was a section that just wouldn’t “form” but this afternoon I stared at the chapter outline long enough to see my mistake.

I was trying to make too much happen in one chapter.

Once I realised this, the chapters came together quickly and easily, and the outline is finished.

So…I turned my attention onto the characters – four protagonists and one antagonist – and have written a profile for each of them. They will have weaknesses that all children can identify with and each of them will grow in some way – even if it’s only a tiny bit. All will learn something new about themselves.

All that is left is to work a little more on the world and the planning will be complete. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far.

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